Nascar Remax Drivers

Ryan Hanson
Eddie Hoffman
Brian Hoppe
Mark Kraus
Justin Diercks
Bruce Yackey
Dave Finney
Jason Schuler
Jeff Kendall
Jeff Storm
Pete Moore
Steve Carlson
Tim Schendel

Mid-American Drivers

Jason Hicks
Bill Prietzel
Bobby Gutknecht

Late Model Drivers

Mark Schroeder
Jeff Van Oudenhoven
Tony Strupp
Dan Topel
Ben Pettis
Dave Phillips
Jamie Iverson
Brad Mueller
David Prunty
Jerry Gille
Jim Carlson
Rich Loch
Robb Vanderloop
Scott Broughton
Todd Kluever
Eric Fransen

Super Stock Drivers

Jim Cormack
Brian Stroik

In Memory Of...

Dale Earnhardt

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Welcome to Bugsy's Central WI Racing Page! We will be changing our format and content for the new racing season. We will no longer carry information on the local tracks, since you can access all that information from their respective websites. Instead, we are going to focus on what racing is all about...the drivers! We will feature as many local drivers, of all divisions, as we possibly can. With a little work, and a lot of driver participation, this will hopefully be a site where you can come to learn about all your favorite Central Wisconsin Race Car Drivers! If you are a driver, or know a driver who would like to be featured on this page, please click HERE for more information. In the meantime, please enjoy our current contents, or strike up a conversation in the Racing Forum! We'd love to hear from you! (Please keep in mind that all current pictures and information on the site are based on the 2001 racing season)

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